Vidterra is a video technology firm that is focused on developing software solutions to solve difficult ISR problems.

Why Vidterra?

We develop software to identify and fix ISR video issues so users can focus on mission execution.

Our products have been conceptualized and designed to implement the practices and techniques proven to be most effective in keeping video networks running.  Vidterra users benefit from knowledge gained over careers dedicated to the mastery of streaming video.

Our subject matter experts have decades of experience designing, developing and deploying global video networks in support of critical operations.  We offer unparalleled application context and technical depth in the areas of video origination, delivery and exploitation.

What we do:
Make ISR Easy

Direct SME support for high-visibility engagements

Video diagnostic tools for field and training environments

Expertise in ISR workflows and system architecture

Cloud and on-premise solutions for simulation of complex video environments